The UPS and the diesel generator are 2 instruments for keeping a web server operational if there are problems with the primary power source - an outage or shaky current that cannot keep the machine working properly, for instance. UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply, though it is sometimes called Uninterruptible Power Source also. The UPS is, essentially, an efficient battery that is connected to the web server and to the electricity network all of the time, so if there is any disturbance, it is already working, that permits the web server to carry on doing the job without losing any information. The diesel generator is an engine that can power up the entire data center. It does take some time to start working and it's the UPS that gives it this time. Those two power solutions are a necessity for any facility or service provider that wants to stop data loss and hardware damage caused by an unexpected electrical power problem.
UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Shared Hosting
The 99.9% network and web server uptime guarantee which we offer is, to some extent, a result of the electric power backup setup that we have in every of the three data centers in which we provide shared hosting plans - in Chicago (USA), in London (UK), and in Sydney (Australia). If you acquire a new account to build or move your Internet sites, it'll be created on a progressive cloud platform which consists of a number of clusters controlling your content. Every single web server inside the specific cluster provides its own efficient enterprise-class UPS to keep it up and running no matter what, until a number of electric power generators boot up and supply the necessary power for the whole facility to be operational for several hours. You won't notice anything even in the event there's an outage, because our backup units will be able to power all the devices and we will not have to restrict the quantity of working servers or the network equipment which addresses the traffic to your Internet sites.