As script-driven applications gather their info inside a database, including more information to this kind of site will not result in a larger size of the app files, but in a larger size of the database the site employs. In the event you run a WordPress blog, for example, the disk space its database employs will increase whenever you add new posts and site visitors leave comments beneath them. An expanding database may develop into an issue if the hosting account you use has limited space for storage and sometimes even plans with unlimited space in general still have limited database storage space. If you reach the limit, you shall not be able to add new content. Other potential consequences are that your website may not perform the way it should or that it may not appear online at all, which might result in lost potential customers.
MySQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting
If you obtain a Linux shared package from us, we shall never restrict the development of any MySQL-driven website which you host in the account since our packages feature unlimited database storage space. Despite the fact that enormous databases may influence the overall performance of a website regardless of the type of hosting, we do not have a limit both for the total space all of the databases may take and for the total size of an individual database. You can run an online store with as many items as you'd like or a forum without having to worry that you may have to delete old posts or limit the number of registered users you can have. Our Hepsia hosting Control Panel shall also enable you to import or export databases within your account regardless of their size. If you experience any issues with the latter, our tech support team is available 24/7 to help you.