When some information is uploaded to a shared hosting account or downloaded from it, some website traffic is produced which is a component that each hosting package comes with. It is also one of the attributes it is important to check out, since the amount of traffic allowance you'll need is based on what you need the account for. The site traffic is mainly generated by downloads which includes site visits. Basically, whenever someone visits your website, the webpages are downloaded from the server to their computer system and they're afterwards displayed by their internet browser. It's also important to know that uploads count as well, which means that when you copy larger files from your computer system to the server, some web site traffic will be generated too. Different suppliers may have different names for this particular feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet they all refer to the exact same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing info generated for some period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Hosting
Our Linux shared packages are appropriate for any kind of small-scale or medium-sized website or even a larger variety of sites. Considering that you can host a range of domains using one account, we have designed the plans in such a way so as to supply you with all of the options you will need. Regardless if you have a personal portfolio website or an eCommerce site, our monthly site traffic allowance that your site can use will never be a problem. In this way, you'll have the chance to expand your online presence and acquire a lot of new visitors without worrying about getting to a limit. Our Hepsia hosting Control Panel gives you comprehensive details about the traffic usage to and from your account, that will enable you to manage your websites as well as the account better. You will be able to check monthly, daily and hourly figures, the traffic produced by each domain and by the account as a whole, the most often downloaded files, etcetera.
Monthly Traffic in VPS
All the Linux VPS packages that we provide feature a monthly traffic allowance proportional to the system resources they come with. The more disk storage and processing power a server has, the more probable it is that you'll host more websites on it, so the website traffic you are able to increases with each plan. Should you need extra traffic at some point, you will be able to improve the package via your billing Control Panel with no more than a few clicks and the additional resources, including the greater traffic quota, will be added to your current account. You'll also be able to keep track of how much information has been transferred to and from your virtual server at any moment. To be on the safe side, we'll notify you as soon as you get to 90% of the quota so as to give you the required time to react and lower your website traffic or update your plan if needed. In your control panel, you can see the site traffic stats for every domain or subdomain in your VPS account.