The The Whole Internet Control Panel was designed to deliver creativity to the popular website managing interface. The previous Control Panel leader – cPanel, was created in the year 2000 and hasn’t been through an essential advancement since that time. The The Whole Internet Control Panel is built on the ideas of the present, delivering simplicity of use and user friendliness to all site administration duties you could imagine.

Scroll all the way down and review the two Control Panel interfaces, learn more about their pluses and minuses and discover which one of them could fit your demands best.

1. Domain/invoicing/web site controls

If you wish to control your domains, websites and payments from just one login page without the need to use any extra panels, the The Whole Internet Control Panel is definitely what you want.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have to log in 2 different Control Panels – a billing panel from which you manage domains and payments and the cPanel Control Panel from which you command your websites.

2. File Hierarchy

Maintaining a number of domain names and web sites from one hosting account needs to be very simple. In the The Whole Internet Control Panel, every single domain and subdomain is situated in a different directory and is totally separated from the other.

If you decide to take care of a variety of web sites from a single cPanel website hosting account, it can be truly puzzling. You’ll have a single principal web site and all of the extra web sites and subdomains will be incorporated into its directory as sub–folders. If you need to use an individual directory for each site, you must utilize separate Control Panel interfaces for each of them.

3. File Manager

The The Whole Internet Control Panel features an easy–to–navigate File Manager, which allows you to add files by just dragging them in your browser. You will get comfortable access to all functions by means of convenient right–click context menus. You can as well use code and WYSIWYG editors. All actions are easy to apply.

The File Manager offered in the cPanel Control Panel has been modified many times in recent times, however it still isn’t able to provide a quality experience as opposed to other web–based file manipulation applications. You can’t use a drag–and–drop functionality to upload files, the archive/extract tool can be unreliable at times and then the file management user interface is restricted in features.

4. Freely available Bonus Tools

In case you are looking to get a better value for your investment, then the The Whole Internet Control Panel is the best solution. It arrives with complimentary bonus tools that are estimated to cost you more than $1000. You are able to work with the Online Site Installer, Web Application Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Free Site Generator and you will have access to a big assortment of freely available design templates.

Each individual web hosting supplier offering cPanel decides on their own precisely what free–of–cost bonuses to to use in your website hosting package. Also, since cPanel is a licensed Control Panel, the no–charge benefits also have to be covered by the website hosting company. This will inevitably raise the cost of your web hosting package, so the no–cost bonuses included in your package will in fact be fee based.

5. Control Panel Tool Operational Speeds

The The Whole Internet Control Panel runs using our very own Linux shared packages. It’s enhanced to work on our setup of hardware components and also to operate using our collection of software tools. This will make it run more quickly compared with virtually any Control Panel tool on the market. And it’s more reliable as well.

cPane is designed to be set up on a wide selection of systems using a variety of hardware set–ups. This means that, it’s not 100% geared up to function on a particular platform, which may have damaging result on performance rates and reliability. Moreover, It could be even slower at times of high web server load.

6. Multi–domain Controls

The The Whole Internet Control Panel will let you conveniently manage a lot of websites in addition to their domains from one location. Each web site is going to have its very own separate folder in the root directory of your account and will be fully free from the rest. In this manner, you need use only 1 account to control as many domains and web sites as you need.

The cPanel Control Panel helps keep different elements isolated – you have to manage your domain names from 1 location and your websites from a separate one. Each individual site features its own Control Panel. Maintaining numerous web sites from a single Control Panel is also possible, but could also be embarrassing simply because all of the additional domain names will be stored in the directory of the principal domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

Using the The Whole Internet Control Panel, you’ll be able to quickly navigate from one area to a new one by making use of our handy top menu. It features links to every single part of the Control Panel and also a quick description of what you’re able to do there. In this way, even if you don’t understand what the name of the area indicates, you’ll have the capacity to quickly become familiar with its features.

The cPanel Control Panel offers all offered icons in the home page, meaning that it’s not at all adapted to your own demands. In addition, right after you enter a menu, you won’t be able to easily change to a different one and will have to go back to the main page instead. This kind of navigation could be definitely irritating for you, particularly if you implement multiple Control Panel sections every time you change your websites.

8. Test Accounts

The The Whole Internet Control Panel features a full–featured demo that includes nearly every menu and capability it is equipped with. You can start setting up a web–site, install web applications, set up email accounts, and so on. This way, you can obtain a a lot more all–embracing idea of its interface and capabilities before signing up.

The cPanel Control Panel provides a general demo account that does not present you with access to the key web–site management instruments you wish to examine. It will reveal to you the way a simple home page looks like and you will have access to one or two of all the offered menus. The other capabilities will be unavailable till you enroll.

With the The Whole Internet Control Panel, managing your web sites will be straightforward and pleasurable. Simply take a quick look at our Site Control Panel demo and look into the included resources and tools to find out by yourself.

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