Locating the best style for a website is often a difficult task… requiring that you examine a huge number of corresponding styles to discover the one you prefer the most. We’ve aimed to change that for you by including a collection of bonus design templates to our own Site Control Panel, that are offered together with all of our cloud hosting packages. It includes more than 800 one-of-a-kind site themes from which to choose. Many of them are designed for The Whole Internet’s website hosting solutions exclusively and aren’t available elsewhere.
Each theme is packaged with intelligent installation and can be modified as desired.

800+ Bonus Design Templates

Entirely customizable. Automatic Installing

To save you time when choosing the correct look for your website, we’ve developed a range of over 800 bonus design templates within the The Whole Internet Control Panel. The styles are intended to cover many subjects and necessities – you can get Web templates for personal websites such as blogs or portfolios, as well as enterprise websites or e–stores.

Each of our bonus design templates are accessible together with both The Whole Internet’s Web Application Installer and also the Online Site Installer. Because of this you can actually add the theme that appeals to you on a brand–new site within seconds.

Free Website Themes